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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Migration of Data from RedTail to Salesforce Sales Cloud

About Our Client

An investment management firm that provides tax strategies, retirement planning, legacy building, and portfolio management services.

Client’s Challenges

·        The client required expertise to leverage values in analyzing, mapping, modeling, cleaning, and migrating data from RedTail to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

·        The transition had to go smoothly without disrupting the team’s work. For that reason, all the legacy data from the old CRM system had to be seamlessly transferred to the new Salesforce software.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Our business & data analysis team proposed a Salesforce solution on how the migration could be implemented.

·        Once the proposed solution was approved, our development team began with Data Analysis, Data Mapping, Data Modeling, Data Cleansing, and Data Migration.

·        The BA/QA expert in the team ensured the final data model built in the Salesforce CRM satisfies business objectives and client expectations

Tools & Technologies Used:

·        SOQL

·        SQL

·        Java

·        Talend Open Studios,

·        JIRA (Project Management),

·        Box (Document Sharing)


·        Salesforce provided many additional features like automation and integration with third-party applications.

·        The Salesforce platform offered greater ease of use and granularity to data analysis.

·        The smooth CRM transition ensured precise data mapping & improved data quality.

Key Success Factors

·        Hexaview is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, having a team of globally certified engineers and QAs with deep domain knowledge.

·        Being a leading digital transformation firm, Hexaview’s major success lies in its relationship with technology. We carefully analyze each tech decision and are committed to innovating our processes without end.

·        We are highly flexible with the solutions to meet the client’s unique requirements.

Our 12+ years of experience in the FinTech domain made the implementation swift and smooth.