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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri May 05 2023

Created a Datalake for the Client which Streamlined Data Collection and Processing

About the Company

Our client is a Bermuda-based global financial services provider. The company was founded in 2003 and provides asset managers, capital markets, corporations, and family offices with a wide range of services across the whole value chain. Through establishing the broadest range of services in the sector, such as fund services, digital onboarding and bank accounts, depositary, custody, and super ManCo services, business services such as HR and payroll, and a trailblazing ESG Ratings and Advisory service for private companies, the Group has steadily improved and evolved its capabilities to provide a single-source solution. The company offers customized services for each customer at a Group level and through its specialized subsidiary brands.

Business Goals

The client believes that the right technology has the power to support, elevate, and empower us all to reach the highest level of fulfillment, and with this vision, the client is ready to empower the globe to reach the highest level of fulfillment.

Location: Silicon Valley

Size: 1-50

Time to Market: N/A


The client had a challenge with their business analysis. There was a problem with business analysis for several custodians (LPL, Fidelity, ORION, SCHWAB, eMoney, Salesforce, and other data sources) since different data sources could not effectively communicate insightful information to the business team. With custodian data and raw data being distinct, all significant analyses were impossible. The client wanted us to build a data lake to accommodate automatic daily loads of data from several custodians, ensure that daily files are backed up, and provide daily files to Wealth Access and, going future, Morningstar.


We created a data lake for the end client (Merit) in which we are receiving data from multiple custodians via 2 sources (SFTP and Azure Blob storage). As per the custodian data, we designed a table schema and data is ingested on a daily basis. This daily data is being consumed by Wealth Access from the generated file as output, to share data with the users. We have streamlined the designs and processes of daily data loads. This data warehouse empowers end clients, Merit for their analyses by the output generated files we send to Wealth Access and Morningstar along with a consolidated schema to Merit.

Key Benefits

The solutions provided by Hexaview made a major impact on the client’s business and workflow, The major benefits are:

1. Streamlined Data collection and processing

2. Data output in desired and understandable formats

3. Easier market study based on data.

Key Results

The client found a drastic improvement in their process of data collection and processing, it became easier to understand the formats of data output. The solution also resulted in an easier and more comprehensive study of data as per the market and requirements.