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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Distributed Trade & Order Management Platform

Business Scenario:

One of our esteemed US clients specialized in Trade & Order management wanted us to help them to resolve multiple business problems: 

1.       Enhance their existing application to support rebalancing & trade generation for thousands of accounts & Robo-advisers.

2.     Hexaview was required to transition the existing Silverlight application, a technology that is obsolete, into a more modern looking HTML 5 based one.

Business Challenges

·        The client wanted a better alternative to the application which they were using earlier as they were experiencing a slow process of rebalancing & order generation. 

·        Ease of working on the application without any pre-requisite training.

Hexaview Solution

We created the whole system in the following manner:

·        Security Master: Ability to dynamically add/edit securities at runtime during rebalancing. 

·        Asynchronous rebalancing: We built an architecture for an asynchronous rebalancing of a large number of portfolios and households. We built a distributed job manager to process jobs across different VMs where portfolio and household rebalancing services are installed. This implementation played an instrumental and humongous role in increasing the rebalancing performance of the application. 

·        Transition to HTML5: As the application was built on Silverlight, we had to upgrade it to HTML5 because of the fact that Silverlight is getting obsolete. HTML5. has been a great journey with a plethora of enhancements to the earlier version.

Impact of the Implementation

We came up with the right solution as per the client’s needs at the following levels:

·        Almost all modern browsers across different devices support the platform today. 

·        Achieved much superior performance in Trade & Order management workflow when compared to current peers in the industry. 

·        No dependency on Microsoft Internet Explorer for Silverlight support.

Key Success Factors

·        We are flexible to incorporate our client’s last-minute changes without any additional cost impact on them. 

·        Our prior knowledge of working with portfolio construction & rebalancing tools produced results in less cost and time.