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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Empowered Decision-Makers With A Comprehensive Portfolio Management Analysis Application

About Our Client

A well-established wealth management firm based in the United States offering financial planning, asset management, tax management, Investment Advisory, and Portfolio Management services. They have immense experience working with businesses, individuals, and families.


Client’s Challenges

·        The client was facing difficulties with the existing system as portfolio activities & historical data maintenance were troublesome.

·        They wanted to enhance the features and functionalities of the existing application for better

performance monitoring.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Enhanced the existing application by adding extensive features for portfolio analysis & monitoring.

·        We have used Dot Net on Backend, React on Frontend, Azure Virtual Machines, SQL Server as a Service, Highcharts library for Visualization, and Azure Defender to ensure that the uploaded files are virus-free.

Impacts on Business

·        The advisors were able to attain a more in-depth analysis of their data, which empowered them in decision-making.

·        The client’s effectiveness and efficiency have increased multiple times with our solution.

Key Success Factors

·        We are flexible to incorporate our client’s last-minute changes without any additional cost impact on them. Our previous experience with Azure helped us in serving the best to our clients.