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GeneralPublished on: Mon Nov 07 2022

Enhanced the Clients’ News Portal by Adding AI & OCR Functionalities

About Our Client

A fast-growing SaaS company that develops and sells ready-to-use AI Robots. Their robots specialize in comprehending human languages in real-time and has versatility, flexibility, and scalability.


Client’s Challenges

·        The client was using traditional techniques because of which the accuracy of the portal wasn’t good and poor results were obtained.

·        The portal wasn’t able to extract text from scanned PDFs in image form.

·        The quality of the documents coming out of the portal was poor.

Hexaview’s Solution 

·        Hexaview enabled Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so that the portal could extract data from images.

·        Implemented modern technologies to enhance the search procedure.

Technologies Used

·        Back-end – Python

·        Front-end – React

Impacts on Business

·        Cleaned irrelevant data from summary reports and made them precise and concise.

·        Improved the quality of data generated through OC.