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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Mon Jul 17 2023

GCC (Global Capability Center) for a Leading Technology Provider

About Our Client

A wealth management software provider empowering investors with real-time portfolio reporting and insights. They specialize in data aggregation, analytics, and performance reporting.

Client's Challenges

  • The client is a well-established firm in the USA and to future-proof their growth plans, they needed a global technology solution provider, sensitive to North American time, resource, and capability constraints.
  • To expedite their time to market, they were on the lookout for more experienced & knowledgeable resources, as they wanted to expedite their time to market.

Hexaview's Solution

  • With all the challenges and constraints in mind, Hexaview engaged with the client in the capacity of an offshore-based capability center to take care of their end-to-end product development.
  • We leveraged the BOT model to successfully establish the client’s own legal entity in India.


Through the offshore capability center, the client was able to expand its operational capabilities and gained a strategic growth powerhouse.

Key Success Factors

  • A comprehensive evaluation of business as well as technical requirements.
  • Deployment of engineers with prior knowledge about the domains.