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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Helped a FinTech firm redesign its flagship platform to improve the user experience

About Our Client

A FinTech holding company that builds solutions to shape the future of the investor experience. They offer a variety of financial solutions by combining investment intelligence, data science, and technology, enabling clients to update their businesses through digitization.


Case Overview

Founded in 2015, the risk tolerance platform helps advisors understand how much risk their clients can comfortably take based on their life situations through human capital factors and machine learning. In March 2021, the platform got acquired by a FinTech holding company to accelerate the launch of its own risk and financial planning solutions. After the acquisition, when new designers joined the team, they realized the platform’s user interface needed dramatic improvements

Client’s Challenges

·        The growth challenge for our client was that almost 95% of their sales were coming from existing customers. In addition, winning new customers proved to be incredibly difficult.

·        They realized the need to redesign the main dashboard to help acquire new customers.

·        Since their sales were stagnant, they wanted to get the revamped web application running within two months.

·        Their designers came up with a revamped design flexible for all screen sizes, browsers, and device types. They were looking for a team that can help them with the development.

Hexaview’s Solution

In a two months’ timeline, we performed the following tasks to meet the client’s requirement:

·        Code optimization and standardization: The previous codebase did not align with coding best practices and contained bugs at the code level which was corrected as part of this project.

·        Research: In collaboration with their designer’s team, we performed research and suggested some changes in the design to make it modern and simpler.

·        Scalable: Made the platform ready for scaling by adding new functionalities for the future


Technologies used

Front-end: React, Redux.

Charts Library: Victory and Recharts.

Impacts on Business

·        The outcome succeeded all the expectations. The client’s team witnessed the platform attendance growth. Moreover, the web platform’s visitors have noticed its improved usability, clarity, and enhanced information content.

·        A number of our developers have been embedded with the client’s team on an ongoing basis, supporting the delivered solution and helping grow and prosper.

Key Success Factors

·        Our team had a very good understanding of the client’s requirements and realized the need for a short deadline for the project delivery.

·        Having worked with global majors in the FinTech industry, we brought our technology and domain expertise to conclude the design and develop a business solution centered on persuasive UX.