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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Mon Nov 06 2023

GW Cloud migration from Producer Engage On-Prem 6.X to GW Cloud version

About the Company

As the leading provider of Worker Compensation insurance in Hawaii, Our Client insures over 7000 Hawaii businesses and protects over 75,000 workers. As a leader in safety and loss prevention programs, Our Client prevents injuries and care for them. Our client works with employers and workers to educate, advocate, and practice safety.

Business Goals

Our client is dedicated to simplifying access to workers'

compensation solutions, making it easy for employers to obtain

coverage and effectively manage their policies. 

  • Their goal is to become a trusted resource for employers by providing user-friendly policy management tools and outstanding customer service.
  • They aspire to be the leading provider of workers' compensation insurance while simultaneously reducing customer acquisition costs and enhancing overall customer service.


The Client needed to Migrate from the on-premises version of GW

ProducerEngage and Customer Engage 6.0 products to GW Cloud

11.3 Flaine release

  • The Client's primary challenge was to migrate GW On-Prem digital products to the GW cloud with the least involvement of the Client's business users
  • Keeping the existing business logic intact during migration.
  • Understand the current portal business logic from existing code, as the documentation was inadequate
  • Reimplementing the GW Customer Engage User authentication and authorization module outside of the Cloud version of the CustomerEngage product. 


Hexaview implemented GW digital products with workers' compensation LOB, enabling Agents to manage their book of business with a desired feature set, 

  • Managing Agent book of business
  • Seamless Account and Policy search capability
  • Comprehensive Policy View
  • Efficient Activities management, 
  • Quotes Generation
  • AI-powered communication Bot with Quick Quote feature 
  • Enabling Agents to leverage enhanced capabilities for effective communication and seamless workflows. 
  • This holistic solution revolutionized the Client's workers' compensation operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Key Results

Our partnership with the clients brought them significant advantages. They were able to quickly bring their solutions to the market and take advantage of GW Cloud offerings. The solution was implemented under the given budget. Effective coordination between Development and Business teams for the smooth delivery of applications.