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GeneralPublished on: Mon Nov 06 2023

Guidewire Producer Engage 11.x Implementation

About Our Client

Our esteemed Client is a P&C Insurance technology transformation partner and provider of comprehensive auto, home, and renters. Renowned for their exceptional service, the Client consistently garners recognition for their commitment to excellence, distinguished employee expertise, and notable contributions to social impact. Their unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and their profound effects on society solidify their standing as a leader in the industry.

Business Goals

The insurer's primary objective was to enhance their agents' overall sales and Account Management experience. The insurer aimed to empower its agents to concentrate on improving sales, providing better service to their end customers, and enhancing Agent experience objectives. 

The insurer strategically adopted the Guidewire Digital Solution (On-Prem ProducerEngage 11.X). This choice ensured that agents could optimize their productivity and efficiency while delivering a superior level of customer support and boosting sales.

Client's Challenges

  • The Client sought a modern toolset for the Agency Management application's technology transformation to enhance the capabilities of their Agents digitally. 
  • The Client was looking for a trusted partner to digitally transform their system on/or under a desired budget, within a stipulated period, and provide the highest quality work product.

Hexaview's Solution

While implementing personal lines products for the Agency / ProducerEngage Application, Hexaview focused on complying with Guidewire coding standards and end-to-end testing digital of each digital process. This practice ensured the least number of development and UIT issues.  

The Agency Management / Producer Engage Application provides the following functions

  • Agents' book of business
  • 360 degrees of custom contact view
  • Comprehensive Account and Policy search capabilities
  • Account & Policy Views
  • Tracking of Activities
  • Write notes 
  • Bill Payment ( ACH/ CreditCard / Cash)
  • Account, Policy, and Claim transactions
  • User Account Creation
  • Quote & Bind
  • Comprehensive policy view
  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
  • Claim status updates.

Additionally, we integrated the Agency management application with External tools 

  • Google Maps for location services
  • VIN Validation for accurate vehicle information
  • USPS Address standardization for precise address details
  • LexisNexis Risk Analysis integration.