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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Implementing Contact Center CRM for Healthcare Industry

About the Client

The client is a technology outsourcing company that focuses on the healthcare industry. It develops customized IT solutions for organizations of all sizes. Its mission is to strive to be business partners who provide better, simplified, and scalable IT management. 

Location: USA 

Business Goals:

·        To reduce the burden of IT management by allowing their clients to serve patients and clients better. 

·        Bring a business perspective and explain how the solutions protect and support the organization’s objectives and goals. 

·        Maintain a technological edge and keep up with the ever-changing needs and requirements of accounting and healthcare. 


The client receives a large number of calls every day, and these calls must be highly efficient to facilitate the time-sensitive healthcare industry. Its legacy phone system was not meeting its high standards. Its associates were spending too much time asking for basic information as different associates were connecting to the other clients every time. It was frustrating for its clients to provide the same information every time they called. 


Hexaview offered to install Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) platform. This platform is an innovative and agile single IP communications platform. CIC’s unified application suite, which provides multichannel access, total contact management, and quality monitoring, is an all-in-one contact center solution that ensures each client’s exceptional experience.  

Key Results  

The client introduced Interaction AnalyzerTM, a solution that provides intelligent real-time speech analytics for each call as part of the CIC all-in-one suite of products. It set up Client Support Teams (CSTs) to better serve its customers. Each Client is assigned to a specific CST, so any calls from that organization are automatically routed to their assigned CST. The client has also created a Physicians Hotline straightforward to physicians without time to troubleshoot technical issues for their patients. 

Key Benefits: 

·        Increase client satisfaction 

·        Save 60 to 90 seconds on every call 

·        Ticket system was able to direct the client to the same associate 

·        Improve the efficiency of calls 

·        Assist in better handling calls