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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Improving Financial Advisors’ Engagement via Salesforce

About Our Client

A wealth management software provider empowering investor with real-time portfolio reporting and insights. They specialize in data aggregation, analytics, and performance reporting.


Client’s Challenges

·        The client wants a component in Salesforce that can dynamically fetch financial data from their primary product using API callouts.

The data should be displayed in that component so that an Advisor working in Salesforce need not move to their platform to access the data, they can just authorize themselves with their platform credentials in Salesforce and access the desired financial data.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Hexaview developed a Salesforce Lightning Component that uses OAuth flow for Authorization.

·        It uses the client’s OAuth and Jobs APIs for user authorization & data fetching respectively.

·        The lightning component is linked to the portal so that Financial Advisor can move to it in a jiffy.

·        The component is highly customizable and flexible.

Impacts on Business

·        The component is ready to display the financial data with a lot more configurations.

·        By clicking the refresh button in the component, the Financial Advisor can make a new API callout & pull refreshed data from the client’s primary product.