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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Integrating third-party digital transaction management system in the existing application

Business Scenario

The client sent documents of contract and other important to its prospects/clients manually. It wanted an automated system of generating documents, signed digitally. In this way it was felt that time was saved, security and authentication were emphasized. Moreover, the documents could be managed in a more organized and centralized way.

Technical Scenario

A third-party API was integrated into the present application that could safely and securely manage document-based transactions digitally. It should have all-time and all-device availability and should be legally binding.

Hexaview Solution

A widely used digital transaction management system was used for the creation and signature of the documents. A suite of web services was created that empowered easy deployment and update digital processes without the traditional expense and programming required for older enterprise applications. REST API was created that provided maximum flexibility for integration into custom business processes and applications.

Impact of the Implementation

We implemented a digital signature workflow within an existing application without disturbing any existing functionality.

·        Deliverables – A web-based platform optimized for iPad with full cloud deployment.

·        Project Delivery & Commercials – With this successful implementation, Hexaview bagged a long term application support contract with the customer.

Key Success Factors

·        Understanding the customer’s application workflow for seamless integration. 

·        Transparency in the whole engagement developed trust with the customer.

·        Capability to suggest changes in the customer’s application design and infrastructure in order to improve the overall application.