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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Migration from RedTail CRM to Salesforce CRM for a Wealth Management Organization

About Our Client

An independent consulting firm that delivers management and technology services to wealth managers. They help individuals and wealth management firms optimize their technology investment to reduce operational risk and advance business management.

Business Scenario

·        Their existing RedTail CRM did not allow customizations in terms of  business process automation and their teams had to operate the data manually which was a tedious and cumbersome task.

·        Therefore, they wanted to migrate from RedTail CRM to Salesforce CRM in order to allow more automation and alignment of the software in line with the company’s strategy.

·        The transition had to go smoothly without disrupting the team’s work, and for that reason, all the legacy data from the old CRM system had to be seamlessly transferred to the new Salesforce software.

Hexaview’s Solution 

·        Our business and data analysis team designed and proposed a Salesforce solution and how the migration could be implemented.

·        Once the proposed solution was approved, our development team began with the implementation of custom functionalities, following best practices and the highest security standards.

·        Leveraging our Salesforce expertise we understood their data model in-depth, performed the data mappings accordingly, and built their data model in the Salesforce CRM.

·        Integrated multiple external systems such as Outlook, Pardot, Act-On.

·        Created reports and dashboards in the platform to enhance the user experience.

Technology Stack

·        SOQL

·        SQL

Impacts on Business

·        Salesforce provided many additional features like automation and integration with third-party applications.

·        The Salesforce platform offered greater ease of use and granularity to data analysis.

·        Outlook integration made email communication with customers or prospective clients became easier for Sales teams and reduced the chances of errors in data entry through sync automation.

Pardot integration helped the client to keep sales and marketing under a centralized platform.