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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Developed a Mobile Application to Measure Heart Rate and Blood Pressure from Wireless Wrist Device

Business Scenario

With the rapid usage of technology, health is at stake. Such applications improve hypertension, hypotension awareness which helps to reduce Cardiovascular diseases.

·        Create a user-friendly Android application to work with a patented wearable device to monitor various health parameters of an individual.

·        Ensuring the same reaction of a BT device in both IOS and Android environments.

·        Check the correct position as well as the pressure of a wireless wrist device.

Technical Scenario

Build over Ionic framework, focused on hybrid mobile application development. Software verification was done using Software Test Tools: Android Studio, XCode, Visual Studio Code and Hardware Test Tools: Xiaomi MI 4 (Android 7.0) Honor 7x (Android 8.0).

Back-end Technologies

·        SQLite

·        Ionic storage

Front-end Technologies

·        Branding Service – Smart phone users

·        Angular 5, Ionic 4, Chart-jS, Cordova, RxJS, Typescript, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

·        jQuery, Bootstrap, Ionic CLI

·        Task Runner, Node Package Manager (NPM)

·        Fully responsive UI development

Hexaview Solution

Flushing out requirement ambiguities | Agile methodology | Sync with client’s existing IT/Infra team


·        A requirement of a detailed document after discussion with the business stakeholders.

·        Complete design, development & delivery of the features using Ionic framework.

·        Real time fine waves formation without data loss.

·        APK is built and successfully tested on 2 devices.


We were able to provide an application with the following features:

·        Real time heart rate monitoring

·        Continuous waveform plotting

·        Hybrid application

·        User Friendly Interface

·        Multi users support

·        Alerts for unusual readings

·        Scheduled backup 

Key Success Factors

·        Deployment of engineers with prior knowledge about the domains.

·        Comprehensive evaluation of business as well as technical requirements.

·        Tracking the milestones with constant inputs from the client.