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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Online Portal to Digitize the Monthly Report Generation Process

Business Scenario

One of our US-based clients wanted an online portal for report generation of funds and its email management system which was earlier done manually through excel. Hexaview successfully helped the client to digitize the monthly report generation process of funds and automated the email management process, saving their precious hours and efforts which could be invested in other productive work.

Business Challenges

·        The client was experiencing poor coordination and a slow process as everything was done manually. 

·        They needed a standard platform that could provide consistency in generated reports. 

·        The client wanted white labelled reports with data visualization.

Hexaview Solution

With our technological expertise, Hexaview developed an online portal to generate monthly reports related to funds’ capital contributions, withdrawals, transfers, and automated the process of sending emails to end clients. The portal full of new functionalities allows the user to upload, generate, and send the reports to their client. They can keep track of reports as well as the emails sent. Our solution helped our clients with the complexities and challenges they were facing earlier and made the overall workflow smooth.

Impact of the implementation

·        The client’s effectiveness and efficiency have increased multifold, without compromising with the quality. 

·        Enables users to send multiple reports to multiple clients at one go.

·        Rolling out new versions and upgrades have become easier.

Key Success Factors

·        Understanding of mailing structure and different report formats helped us a lot in meeting the client’s needs. 

·        We are flexible to incorporate changes /functionalities demanded by the client. 

·        We never compromised with the security and provided full customer Support.