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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Mon Feb 13 2023

Optimized The Client’s Application To Handle 1M+ Portfolios and Rebalance Them Flawlessly

About Our Client

Our client is a US-based leading FinTech company & delivers a web-based tax-optimized portfolio rebalancing and scalable trade order management system for Wealth Managers, Investment Advisors, Multi-family Offices, Digital Advisors, and Industry Partners.


Client’s Challenges

·        The need was to take the existing application to the enterprise level.

·        The application was not optimized to handle a database of 1 million portfolios at a time.

·        The application was slow and showing errors in rebalancing results.

Hexaview’s Solution 

·        Created the testing JMeter scripts and integrated them with the application using the open-source API wrappers.

·        Created the infrastructure for stress testing based on the provided benchmarks.

·        Resolved all the stated-out bugs and bottlenecks.

Impacts on Business

·        The optimized application was able to rebalance the load of 0.5 million portfolios within 12 hrs.

We removed various bottlenecks related to SQL Query execution and the task manager which resulted in the improvement of the application performance.