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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Portfolio Rebalancing Engine – Trade Order Management System

About Our Client

Our client is a leading US-based global FinTech company providing custom reporting, multi-currency access, entity aggregation, and wealth analysis services among others. They work with hundreds of leading financial advisors and large financial institutions that manage data for over $2 trillion of assets on their company’s platform.


Business Scenario

The client wanted to develop their rebalancing engine in their trade and order management system to help clients differentiate, compete and grow their firms. They needed the rebalancing engine to provide the following:

·        A rich set of rebalances settings options.

·        Scheduling feature to sync data from the internal database.

·        A scalable architecture that will automatically scale up or scale down to meet the needs of their setup.

·        Parallel processing to support multiple portfolio rebalancing at the same time.

Deployment on AWS cloud.

Hexaview’s Solution

·        Designed, built, and tested a full featured rebalance engine.

·        Developed a data synchronization between the OMS and the client’s internal database.

·        After the data reconciliation process, the data synchronization application is scheduled to run at regular intervals to transfer data to OMS.

·        The engine supports auto-scaling to handle the user load easily.

·        Provided several additional features to the OMS, such as improved security for user login and new reporting.

·        Provided post‐implementation support and transitioned to an application support team.

Impacts on Business

·        A state‐of‐the‐art rebalancing engine for its order management system provided the client with enhanced operational efficiencies as well as improved marketing capabilities in its business development activities (i.e.: recruitment of new advisors to their service offering).

·        Automated and simplified portfolio rebalancing, saving advisors valuable time and significantly improving the overall portfolio rebalancing process.

·        Minimized trading risks due to comprehensive testing of the new rebalance engine.