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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Production Grade Digital Signature Implementation

Business Scenario

One of our billion-dollar clients, a manufacturer of networking equipment and high-performance Internet Protocol network products, wanted to encrypt files before sending them through the public network. Their existing solution was generating hashing using some algorithm e.g. SHA1, SHA256, MD5, etc. But their requirement was to securely send the data. HexaView was required to enhance the existing server-based solution to provide inbuilt security features as per industry standards.

Technical Scenario

Hexaview was the right choice for the customer since its proficient in technology. We developed an open API based restful service platform using open-source technologies (Java and OpenSSL) for digital signature.

Hexaview Solution

Hexaview enhanced the client’s product with the implementation of cryptography:

·        Generated 2048 bit RSA private-public key pair using java code. 

·        Generated private-public key pair in PEM format using OpenSSL and converted them in DER format.

·        Enhanced application to support both PEM and DER format private key files for encryption. 

·        Key format type was read using configuration properties file to avoid reinstallation of application.

Impact of the Implementation

We came up with the right solution as per the client’s needs at the following levels:

·        Support both PEM and DER key format private key file. 

·        The utility works with both server-based applications and automated scripts.

·        Encrypted data can be verified with OpenSSL and java code (according to key format).

Key Success Factors

·        Our prior knowledge of security algorithms helped in developing an effective solution at less cost and time. 

·        We are flexible to incorporate our client’s last-minute changes without any additional cost impact on them.

·        Provided full support till production deployment as per client working hours.