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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Salesforce Managed Services to Cater to the needs of a Leading Travel & Tourism Organization

About Our Client

The client is a leading travel and tourism company based in Israel. They offer all kinds of tailor-made trips in Israel with their best travel agent and tour packages. They help their clients in exploring Israel to get life’s best travel experience. 

Business Challenges/ Pain Points

  1. With the increasing data size, it was becoming difficult for them to manage their existing legacy CRM.
  2. Their team had a lack of knowledge regarding the utilization of the proposed Salesforce CRM system.

Hexaview’s Solution

To meet the client’s requirement, Hexaview partnered with the client to provide the following solutions: 

·        Migrated their data from the existing legacy CRM system to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

·        Successfully implemented the business workflow in the Salesforce ecosystem in a customized manner as per the client’s requirements.

·        Helped the client in hassle-free data migration.

·        Trained the users on proper utilization of the Salesforce CRM.


Impact on Business

·        The client was able to manage their data without any inconvenience and utilize Salesforce CRM at its full potential.

·        The client can schedule and automate a lot of tasks, this saves time and increases their team’s productivity.