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case studies

GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Simplified Customer Onboarding Process for a Global Financial Services Client

About Our Client

A financial advisory firm headquartered in San Francisco, California with $2.04B worth assets under management. The firm offers services such as financial planning and portfolio management. They work with a range of individual and institutional clients.


Client’s Challenges

·        The key objective of the client was to expedite the customer onboarding and plan the setup process by minimizing the manual work across various onboarding stages.

·        Their existing system had no proper workflow for tracking the customer onboarding journey and thus failed to offer a good user experience.

Hexaview’s Solution 

·        Created a fully automated customer onboarding workflow using triggers as per the required sequence.

·        Created a visualized path of the workflow to track the status easily.

·        Made the platform admin-friendly with custom labels and settings. The admin does not need to edit the code for making any quick updates to the functionality.

Impacts on Business

·        A fully automated Customer Onboarding process saving up to 50% of FTE time per customer.

·        Monitoring the progress of tasks from each stakeholder now manages to correct status reporting and proper work coordination saved time up to 25% in the process.

·        Transparent flow to ease tracking.