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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Transferring Data From Quickbooks to Accounting Seed

About Our Client

The client provides high-quality, culturally specific behavioural health services. Their goal is to ensure that underserved people receive the highest quality of care that follows best practices and is accountable based on results.

Client’s Challenges

The client had to manually enter every entry into their existing system, which became a tedious task for them. They had trouble reconciling their entries. They were unable to make well-informed decisions due to insufficient information in the report.

Hexaview’s Solution

Hexaview’s Salesforce team supported the client by providing the following solutions:

·        We configured the accounting seed to meet the needs of the client.

·        Billing and reporting became easier through automation.

·        All their historical data has been migrated from QuickBooks to Accounting Seed.

Impacts on Business

·        Their manual work has been reduced.

·        The client can reconcile the entries in the system with his bank statement.

·        Now, their bills are automatically created.

Key Success Factors

·        The client was nontechnical, so we communicated openly to meet their business requirements.

·        Our team collaborated with the client on an ongoing basis and assisted them.

·        They received a highly functional platform.