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GeneralPublished on: Fri Feb 10 2023

From Silverlight to HTML5 - Upgraded the Client Portfolio Application

About Our Client

The client is a well-established wealth management firm based in the United  States.  They provide investment management and portfolio management services. The client processes 25 USD billion+ trades every month and serves some multi-million-dollar corporate giants.

Client's Challenges:

  • The client wanted to improve their existing application to support rebalancing & trade generation for thousands of accounts & Robo-advisers.
  • Upgrade the existing Silverlight application to modern HTML 5.

Hexaview Solutions:

Hexaview created the system in the following manner:

  • Security Master: Ability to dynamically add/ edit securities at runtime during rebalancing.
  • Asynchronous Rebalancing: We built an architecture for an asynchronous rebalancing of multiple portfolios &households and added distributed job manager to process jobs across different VMs. Through this async rebalancer, millions of accounts were rebalanced for Robo advisors in a time-bound manner.
  • Transition to HTML5: Upgraded from Silverlight to HTML5 with many enhancements to the earlier version.


  • Additional features with a more user-friendly interface led to a smaller learning curve for the customers.
  • Eradicated dependency on Microsoft Internet Explorer for Silverlight support.
  • The client executed in excess of $20 billion of trade every month with the developed application.

Key Success Factor

  • Our prior experience with portfolio construction & rebalancing tools resulted in less cost & time.
  • Overlapped work hours with client service and product management team for a better client experience.