Hexaview Technologies

Ensuring Scalability Of A Leading Wealth Management Platform through Stress Testing

About Our Client

A leading US-based global FinTech company providing custom reporting, multi-currency
access, entity aggregation, and wealth analysis services among others. They work with
hundreds of leading financial advisors and large financial institutions that manage data
for over $2 trillion of assets on their company’s platform.


Client’s Challenges

  • The client’s product and Salesforce integration were at the core of their business transformation, therefore, the quality and scalability of the implementation would need to be ensured before going live.
  • The client wanted to verify if the component initially created by Hexaview in Salesforce can handle the large set of unique users load without failing.

Hexaview’s  Solution 

  • We decided to run two stress tests. One for the Salesforce component and another for the client’s product’s APIs.
  • After the initial scope for the test was finalized, we ran a proof of concept and identified JMeter and Locust as the best tool for the job.
  • Our team executed several performance tests against each sprint.

Impacts on Business

  • Improved application stability.
  • The client is confident in the system’s abilities to handle the unprecedented load after the testing performed by our team.

Key Success Factors

  • Being a leading digital transformation firm, Hexaview’s major success lies in its relationship with technology. We carefully analyze each tech decision and are committed to innovating our processes without end.
  • We are highly flexible with the solutions to meet the client’s unique requirements.
  • Our 11+ years of experience in the wealth technology domain made the project swift and smooth.