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Hexaview and Employees Demonstrate Support for India’s Covid Relief Efforts

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April 2021: With hopes to reduce the impact of the ongoing crisis and help facilitate the fight against it, Hexaview has taken three great initiatives in joining the support – the development of a portal to find required COVID-19-related help; procurement of emergency health equipment for Hexaview family members and voluntary donation of a part of salaries by employees, with the company matching an equivalent amount.

Development of CoviBot – a centralized platform to seek real-time COVID-19-related information

As social media platforms are flooded with requests and appeals for help & medical aid, devastated family members are pleading for everything from medical services to hospital beds, medicines, doorstep COVID-19 checks, and even food for the infected in quarantine. The enormous increase in demand has put huge pressure on healthcare infrastructures, services, and resources worldwide. To resolve this urgent need for a centralized system that can provide a quick response with real-time solutions, Team Hexaview successfully designed a rule-based chatbot, CoviBot.

CoviBot works as a chatbot, where a user can put the query and get real-time information in no time. It fetches the resources from the government portals and social media platforms based on the user location entered. It searches through the verified and relevant information on the social media platforms shared by the people and on the government COVID -19 help portals.

To know more about CoviBot, click here.

Procurement of medical equipment for the employees and their loved ones

Hospitals in several states face an acute shortage of emergency medical equipment like oxygen cylinders and beds. Hexaview procured and donated emergency medical equipment and essentials for our employees in a time of need. The equipment and essentials provided by our CSR team significantly helped our employees and their family and friends in their capacity to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and treatment. Last year, Hexaview donated over 5,000 hygiene kits to underprivileged communities under our campaign, “Hygiene for Kids.”

Voluntary Monetary Donations from Salaries

Employees at Hexaview voluntarily donated a part of their salaries for April, while the company matched the amount to contribute to the PM CARES fund set up by the government. The total amount contributed by employees and the company was INR 10.8 million.

Final Thoughts 

Abhishek Talwar, CEO of Hexaview, said, “We salute our COVID-19 warriors who are going above and beyond their call of duty to help those in need by putting their lives at risk; we cannot be like them, but we can do our little bit by donating to this cause. Kudos to our team at Hexaview, who are supporting the community through generous donations. We strive to do our best to protect the health and safety of the local people. We must work together and help each other in any way possible.”

Overwhelmed by the responses from the employees, Ankit Agarwal, CTO of Hexaview, extended his gratitude to the contributors and said, “Hexaview’s leaders are continuously looking to see how they can continue to help during the ongoing crisis. Our hearts go out to all those suffering, and we will do our best to contribute toward a speedy recovery from the current situation”.

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