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Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Plantation Drive on World Earth Day at Hexaview

April 25, 2022: On the Occasion of World Earth Day (on April 22, 2022), the CSR team – Pankh at Hexaview, along with 15 volunteers from different departments, planned to celebrate the day by planting around 30 saplings near the office area.

The program was started by Mr. Sunil, an IT executive and member of the CSR team.

Quick snapshots of the Plantation Drive.

We realized that only trying to spread awareness by talking about it will not help as much as it would if we start to act upon it. Therefore, we pledged to come together and conduct a plantation drive every year during monsoon in the areas near our main office in Noida, India.

Please take a look at our LinkedIn post here.

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