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Equipping businesses with blockchain technology and assisting them in implementing credible and secure decentralized blockchain solutions for business automation
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    What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is the leading technology behind bitcoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. It holds great potential beyond digital currencies. Blockchain is amongst the most popular and trending technologies of the 21st century that have multiple applications and can be utilized in numerous industries, including but not limited to financial services, healthcare, education and research & development, e-commerce, etc.

    Blockchain is a system for storing data in a way that makes hacking and cheating difficult or impossible. A blockchain is just a collection of computer systems connected in a way that copies and shares a digital record of transactions throughout the network. This technology allows participants to confirm transactions without having a central clearing authority. In simpler words, a blockchain can be considered a distributed database that stores the information in a growing list of ordered records. As a result, these lists are called blocks. A cryptographic connection binds these blocks together. Once stored then, this data cannot be altered.

    Some blockchain use cases are improving investment management, smart contracts, IoT monitoring, Property transactions, Digital IDs, etc.

    Talk to our Expert

    Blockchain Consulting and Software Development Services

    New blockchain apps are being created for various new businesses as blockchain technology continues to develop and gain prominence in the IT sector. Adopting this complex technology can initially seem intimidating and overwhelming, but the adoption process can be simple with the appropriate people and evaluation. We at Hexaview enable comprehensive transparency across your processes and increase consumer trust. Based on your specifications, we assemble your team from our worldwide talent network of expert product and project managers, blockchain engineers, business advisors, and UI/UX designers.

    Blockchain Technology Consultation

    Our Blockchain engineers assess and understand how blockchain applications can add value to your business and provide astute consultation to empower you to take full advantage of this technology's abundant opportunities.

    NFT Marketplace Development

    The ever-growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) since the End of 2021 is changing how assets are traded. With many cutting-edge features and unlimited customization choices, our NFT Marketplace Development services

    Blockchain MVP Development

    - Unlike a Proof of Concept (POC), which is in a document format, an MVP is a working prototype. Developing an MVP is the best way to test your blockchain solution with users practically. We convert your breakthrough idea.

    Crypto Wallet Development

    With the advent of white-label crypto wallets, get an edge over your rivals. At Hexaview, you get excellent cryptocurrency wallet development services for processing virtual exchanges. Synthesizing the bitcoin wallet is a specialty of our team.


    We create a variety of tokens like NFT, DeFi, BEP20, and many more on any blockchain. Steer your token development journey with us, and we'll support you at every step – from inception and creation to deployment and promotion of your cryptocurrency.

    Hyperledger Based Solutions

    Blockchain and Hyperledger power the development of decentralized applications. We offer Hyperledger integrated offerings that enable businesses to scale at speed.

    Smart Contracts Development

    Smart contracts help you securely and transparently exchange digital assets while avoiding the services of a middleman. Whether you need to exchange payments through cryptocurrencies or secure your transactions using smart contracts

    dApp Development Services

    Our dApp development specialists stay updated on the emerging dApp market trends, helping you levy your ideas. We offer detailed guidance on your project's technical and business aspects and help you select the right blockchain.

    IEO & ICO Services

    Providing you with the best and the most efficient IEO and ICO development solutions. We help you transform your vision of the ICO and IEO project with our next-generation blockchain consulting services.


    Finance & Payments

    Streamline processes and offer authenticity & economic benefits.


    Unified patients' data, drug traceability, clinical trials, and data security

    Supply Chain

    Improves transparency and traceability and removes fraud activities


    Better inventory management, faster settlements, and less paperwork


    Transparent processes, improved implementation, and better control

    A Wide Range of BlockchainTools and Technologies We Use



    Hyperledger Framework