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Hybrid Cloud

Computing Solutions

Empower your cloud infrastructure with the best of both worlds
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    Hybrid Cloud
    Computing Solutions

    Cloud adoption drives cost-effectiveness, robustness, scalability, and superior product quality. But one model fits all don’t apply to cloud deployments. Applications have different performance, security, and compliance requirements, and therefore, other approaches are needed.

    Hexaview’s Hybrid cloud computing solutions offer the right mix of private and public cloud to help optimize your IT resources and save your costs.

    Solve your complex cloud

    challenges with Hexaview Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

    With applications and data across multiple clouds and data centers, it’s no small feat to securely connect the different environments and drive network efficiencies. As defined, a “hybrid cloud” is a combination of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud—such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure with orchestration among the various platforms. A hybrid cloud solution for small businesses provides greater flexibility by moving workloads between cloud solutions.

    Optimize costs

    Cost-effective solution and pay only for the resources you need right now

    Increase business agility

    Scale swiftly to support your changing business requirements

    Streamline IT process

    an integrated platform and high-performance cloud connectivity

    With Hexaview’s custom-tailored Hybrid cloud services, you can be assured that scalability and security will be at the forefront of our minds in planning your hybrid cloud computing environment.

    Why should small businesses
    consider hybrid cloud solutions?

    Small business owners should consider hybrid cloud solutions for small businesses for the following reasons and benefits

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    Low Cost

    One of the primary driving forces behind small businesses' switch to the hybrid cloud is cost-effectiveness. It's costly to buy and maintain your servers.

    Enhanced Security

    Security can be a challenge, but with a hybrid cloud, you'll significantly decrease the risk compared to public cloud. In the hybrid cloud model, you'll be able to employ the security of a private cloud with the power and capabilities of public cloud.

    Increased Speed

    While a hybrid cloud isn't necessarily faster than a public cloud, the advantage is that it can be optimized to reduce latency, making it easier for data to move to where it needs to be. A hybrid cloud can also leverage edge computing architectures to boost speed further.

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    Hexaview maintains strong relationships with major cloud providers in the industry.

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    From agile enterprises to innovative start-ups, Hexaview has helped businesses own digital
    transformation by harnessing the power of technology.

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    We understand that every business is different and demands an individual approach. That is why we offer a free consulting session. During the session, you will have a chance to determine whether our Cloud Application Development and Deployment Services are the right fit for your project.

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