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What You Must Do To Avoid 4 ℃ Warmer World

“Global Warming is no longer a philosophical threat, no longer a future threat, no longer a threat at all. It`s our reality.” -Bill McKibben, Environmentalist”   

Type ‘world environment day’ ‘environment’ ‘go green’ ‘global warming’ and so on… and about 5,72,00,000 results appear in 0.67 seconds. All of us are aware of climate change and internet has ample readings to know the what`s and why`s of climate change.

No matter how busy your life may be, it remains fairly easy to make small but necessary changes for the goodness of the earth. Hexaview Technologies shares Six simple yet effective ways How to contribute to a lot on this World Environment Day.

Plant a Tree. If not, at least grow trees around.

It’s not my birthday today, can I plant a tree next year?

Water the plants around and grow them greener. Why wait a year, to act green?

Come together. Pool car

I and my office mate live in the same neighbourhood.

Why not use the same car to reach office? Save resources.

Print. But less paper

Yes, we don’t need to print everything.

Why not use your own mug for office tea breaks reduce the use of paper-cups?

Save. Electricity & Water. Yes, both.

Hey, your Laptop is 100% charge. Is it still plugged-in? Unplug it.

No one is using the meeting room? Great! Switch off the lights!


Use Bin, do not litter.

Sundays clean drive? Good idea. Try to sort your rubbish.


Use Clean Gas at home, Save money.

Use eco-friendly fuel car, build cleaner environment.

We are duty bound to leave the earth in order for the next set of occupants. Hexaview Technologies Inc provides Wealth Management Technology solutions. It has its offices in New Jersey, USA and Noida, India. To know more about Hexaview Technologies visit hexaviewtech.com.

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