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General Published on: Fri Feb 10 2023

Hexaview’s ALHexa Now Supports Speech Recognition & Speech Synthesis

ALHexa, our all-purpose AI-powered HR chatbot is redefining excellence with cutting-edge technologies. ALHexa frees up the human resource individual from performing repetitive tasks helping them to focus on other value-added activities that boost performance and productivity.

With ALHexa, Hexaview strives to create a game-changer that will transform user experience with truly revolutionizing Digital HR. Leveraging the true power of AI & ML, ALHexa is remarkable to provide an enriched experience.

In recent months, our teams at Hexaview have been hard at work to make ALHexa even more smart & robust, all while elevating the user experience.

Say Hello to ALHexa

We have developed the next generation of AI assistants – that is the voice-based virtual assistants. With our latest update to ALHexa, you can now carry out end-to-end voice conversations with our bot. 

  • Give requests with your voice! Ask your queries out loud to speak to ALHexa.
  • ALHexa will provide more personalized voice responses with text-to-speech features (speech synthesis).

ALHexa – better than your average chatbot

ALHexa is built on deep learning, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to enrich user experiences and help users find all the information related to company norms and policies, obtain their personal information like leave balance, appraisal cycle, etc., and stay updated with the latest company news and events.

How ALHexa works?

Employees can send their messages or queries to our HR Chatbot, ALHexa, just the way they do to humans. Then, our smart HR bot decodes the message, fetches the required solution, and then responds accordingly. Our user-friendly AI-powered bot serves as a first-level virtual HR assistant for employees.

Our HR chatbot uses AI & ML technologies to learn and update itself all the time so that it keeps upgrading itself and serving the users in a better way. The main objective of ALHexa is to free up the HR folks from cumbersome repetitive work so that they get time to focus on other important activities that need the human touch.

With ALHexa, we strive to address the pain point of the human resource department with our modules and smart HR chatbot to manage regular HR activities. To enhance the complete cycle of employee engagement, investing in the chatbot is a smart decision.

Our bot gives freedom to employees to get the necessary information related to salary, leaves, company policies, etc. in no time and without approaching human resource people.

Contact Details of Hexaview Team

To know more about how ALHexa can support your Human Resource team, contact us now. You can also write to us at hello@hexaviewtech.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube to get the latest updates about ALHexa.

Let’s get ready to transform the future of Human Resource management!